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Batch Processing from saved Curve
I am trying to batch process some files, using the Python console
PHP Code:
GIMP 2.10.2 Python Console
Python 2.7.12 
(default, Feb 17 201816:52:07
GCC 6.2.0]
cur '/home/back-office/.var/app/org.gimp.GIMP/config/GIMP/2.10/curves/26-06-2019'
>>> dir '/home/back-office/Desktop/Old_Desktop/Desktop/image_works/newimages'
>>> ext '.JPG'
>>> pdb.python_fu_CurveBatch(dirextcur
using this I get an error...

PHP Code:
Curve Warning
't have files to handle 
Files are located in the folders with upper case .JPG any pointers to what could be going wrong ?
A hint when asking questions about script/plugins, supply the source of the script/plugin as otherwise you make us search the internet for random information that might apply.

With that said, the following is based on the assumption that the "CurveBatch" you're talking about is from here:

You need to specify the file extension as JPG not .JPG
Thank you for your response, I thought this was part of core GIMP batch mode, not a plugin. I couldn't get the plugin to work with 2.10, so looked into command line batch mode. I have been able to edit the code in the plugin to work with 2.10.

In the script file on line 54 it needed to be changed to :

PHP Code:
Line 54 

if lines[0] == "# GIMP curves tool settings\n":

change to

lines[0] == "# GIMP 'Curves' settings\n"

As the new GIMP Curve export file has changed the title of the file within the curve file.

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