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Batch Processing of Scans
In a perfect world, I am scanning large numbers of recipes.  I then crop the images.  Sometimes there is more than one recipe on a page.  Sometimes one recipe is spread over more than one page so I have to stitch the parts together.  I then export, usually as .jpeg to the desired folder on the HDD.

In the real world:
1     I use File/Create/Scanner-Camera to open the Select Source box
2     I select the scanner I wish to use
3     I set the scanner parameters and start the scan
4     When the scan is done, I select <save> to transfer the scan to GIMP
5     I crop, rotate, edit as needed
6     I export the finished file to Recipes/one of several folders acting as categories
7     Go back to step 1

I am looking for something that can automate steps 1 to 4, wait for me to finish step 5 and reduce manual input on steps 6 and 7

I have been trying to look at plugins that may do part of the job and also for tutorials that can help me achieve doing the job myself.

I know the registry is currently dead and it is recommended I google search.  I have not found anything that is of practical use.

Any pointers?
Nothing can read your mind for #5 (especially the "Edit" part) and #6 (find the (right directory).

I have a similar problem (well, I had, before the pandemic) with my receipts for my work expenses. My workflow is to:

  1. scan the things outside of Gimp. The scanner unimaginatively gives the images sequence numbers
  2. I use my image browser to reorganize things: split to folders, or rename the file to the actual date (this is also a sequential number)
  3. Start Gimp to edit them sequentially (mostly crop, occasionally rotate). What makes me save a huge amount of time, is a Gimp script that
    • Saves the current image
    • Finds the next image in sequence (the script allows "gaps" in the sequence)   in the same directory and opens it
  4. The rest is mostly learning all the necessary keyboard shortcuts (and add one for the file-next script)
The script is ofn-file-next that you will find here.
I do not have a Windows scanner setup (only linux) but once got an efficient workflow using IrfanView as an intermediary.

There is a batch scan option and a open with external editor (Gimp) option, both with hot keys. Might be worth a try.

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