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Bend PE
I am not sure why this happens when using Bend path effect in Inkscape 1.0.1 . I was hoping to see a smooth output


Any help will be great
Interesting Wink Is that a single path ? If it is how did you get it ?

AFAIK bend will only work on a single path. A before / after :

If it is more than one path. Combine and try an envelope deform.
Thanks. Yes, it was a single stroke of Bezier. The PE was applied to a long rectange. Not sure why I got this. Confused.

PS : I used to get it right before.
I am no Inkscape expert and Inkscape 1 is a bit different to 0.92

Can you post the problem Inkscape svg file ?
It is ok. I was trying my luck

Please find the file attached

Attached Files
.svg   bend path effect wrong.svg (Size: 3.02 KB / Downloads: 15)
(12-01-2020, 06:16 PM)meetdilip Wrote: It is ok. I was trying my luck

Pleased to hear that.   Too complicated for me.

I see what you have done, something like 
Make path shape, copy to clipboard
Make rectangle object, object to path
Bend rectangle path using clipboard path.


Many adjustments for both the path shape and the hidden rectangle, to give all sorts of shapes. Avoid those extra nodes, at least for the first ten years of using Inkscape Wink   This a simple Z path, right side just nodes at change of direction,  left side has those extra nodes in. Flattens corners.

It is a good effect, must practice with it. I generally use Inkscape bend for text but Ofnuts plugin is now better and I do not use Inkscape so much.

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