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Brush dynamcs in 2.10 ?
Will 2.10 have PS filter toolbar effects and layer improvements implemented ?
(01-20-2018, 01:55 PM)grit Wrote: Will 2.10 have PS filter toolbar effects and layer improvements implemented ?

Gimp is not PS and the GUI is unlikely to change.

Layer improvements? If you mean non-destructive adjustment layers, nothing planed until maybe Gimp 3.2 which I suspect will be a long way away.

the roadmap is here:

In the meantime, if you are going to use Gimp, forget how PS works and concentrate on how to achieve your desired result using what is available.
Would it be possible to implement Alchemy style brush dynamics in  2.10 ?

What we discuss here, has most probably zero effect on what the Gimp developers decide to do with their work.
You can make a feature request (not sure what the correct place is for that...just not this forum), but the roadmap for Gimp of the next years is pobably pretty much written.
No, what you now see in Gimp 2.9.x is what you get in Gimp 2.10 so it is no good even asking the developers to include such a facility.

Looking at the roadmap I kindly pointed you to, there is a 'smartobjects' but this is listed under 'Future' some time after Gimp 3.2 Do not hold you breath.

Looking at the video you referenced. Alchemy it is open source but the last development version was 2014 Looks like the project is at best stalled, maybe dead.

However, the first couple of seconds and those filled shapes 'rang a bell' You might get something out of Krita.

I am no artist, at best a simple landscape, so just some random shapes (with symmetry) as an example.

[Image: 4Vn3iw0.jpg]

One of the snags with Krita is it does not support exporting Gimp .xcf Usually needed when text is required, Krita text is less-than-wonderful. In that event, layers can be exported using OpenRaster format (ora) which Gimp can import.

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