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Bug when using Color to Alpha on selected area
Fellow Image Manipulators:
I have this problem with GIMP when trying to make a selected area transparent so that part of an underlying photo is shown in the foreground image.
Using two layers, one of a photo under, a drawing above, I select by any method, but usually, Quick Mask, part of the drawing. I then proceed to fill the selection White, and then I order, "White to Alpha". In the preview it shows exactly what is intended, namely, the selected area is transparent and it shows part of the photo below. But once I push "Accept", then one of two possible weird things happen.
One is that if the Under Layer has a size as the canvas size, ALL of the drawing gets more or less transparent, as if by its content of "white". But it gets quite transparent.
The other is if the under layer is in size a fraction of the canvas, the whole part of the upper layer outside the size of the under layer gets this "partial but almost transparent" effect", the selected intended size gets the full transparent, and, the part above the area of the under layer that is not selected, is alright, that is, not transparent.
So I end with only that "margin" right, and everything else wrong.
Can you add before/after screenshots?

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