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Bump Map with Gimp 2.10.8
I do have a problem with this function (Bump map), In fact nothing happen when I follow the tutorial here under.
I do not have the same window appearing when I clic on Bump map.
What should I Do ?
Thank for your help.
The tutorial is for Gimp 2.8 and you are on 2.10. Lots of change in the tools.

Bump mapping is not that hard to understand even without a video: you just need:
  • The layer that will be the target (the one to which you add bumps and dimples)
  • The "bump map" layer. It works like a "relative altitude" map. In the usual case:
    • What is gray 50% RGB(127,127,127) on the map remains at the initial level in the target image,
    • Darker areas correspond to lower altitudes (dimples)
    • Lighter areas to higher altitudes (bumps).
    • If you have sharp level transitions, you get the equivalent of cliffs, while progressive blends create slow slopes.
  • IIRC Gimp requires the two layers to have the same size.
Everything else is just how the light simulates the relief. Since the bump-mapping creates shadows and lights, it works best on layers with an average luminosity (difficult to create shadows over pitch black...).
Bumpmapping with Gimp 2.10 is easier than with Gimp 2.8 The effect shows on the canvas instead of a small preview.

A face on a cliff? might be something like this

[Image: 4coxYut.jpg]

A 3' 30" video demo

Espermaschine also put some tips up for text see:
Thank you both of you for reply and exemples.

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