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Can only click on some things???
For whatever reason only certain buttons are clickable...
I can click 'open new project', and i can move around through the folders in the left side bar, but clicking on any of the images doesn't do anything.
Clicking cancel, or 'X' to close the dialogue box also does nothing.
The only way out of this menu is the 'escape' key or 'alt+f4'

I can select some tools, some simply don't respond to being clicked on, i can't actually use the tools though, the clicks on the open image with a tool selected don't do anything.

i can open images by right clicking them and opening with GIMP just fine, but can't edit them because I can only select some of the tools, and once I do my clicking no longer registers and I need to open a new instance of GIMP...

Any ideas what the heck is going on?

EDIT: I Should add that I've been using the program just fine for some time now, it suddenly decided that half the buttons do nothing just today.

I ran GIMP in verbose mode to try and figure out whats causing it to bork up, and now its working fine again.
after multiple computer resets, opening and closing GIMP 1,000 times not helping at all,
It's suddenly back to normal. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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