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Can't Use Pattern Fill
Hello everyone!  My name's Shane and I'm a longtime GIMP fan/user.  

I'm currently using GIMP version 2.10.22 on Windows 10 Home.  

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to paint a pattern onto a round shape that is a solid color.  I select the bucket fill tool, choose one of the patterns built into the program and when I click on the object nothing happens.  There is only one layer to the project and, even though nothing is selected, I would think merely clicking on the shape in the image would fill it.  This is how it used to work.  

Under the "Affected Area" section I've chosen "Fill similar colors." Under the "Finding Similar Colors" section I've ticked "Fill transparent areas", "Sample merged", and Antialiasing.

Again, it's a solid color and a simple shape, yet nothing happens when I click on it with the fill tool.

What am I doing wrong?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Screenshot of your tool options and layers list? Is there a "forbidden sign" near the mouse pointer?
By Jove I've figured it out!  Okay, here's what happened:

The original image was a screenshot from a website.  I took that screenshot and added a layer on top.  On that second layer I added the red shape.  The whole problem is that I chose "Tag image with monitor profile" in the screen capture dialog under the "Color Profile" section instead of choosing "Convert image to sRGB." When I went back and did it again with the second option ticked then I was able to use the pattern fill.  I hit on it when I was taking a screenshot of a whole thing so that I could post it for you.  

Valuable lesson learned.

Thanks for your help on this, I appreciate it.

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