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Change grid pattern units.
I am new to the forum and to Gimp.  
I am trying to create a printable grid.  I found the pattern grid but its units are only in pixels.  I know that in my drawing an 1/8th inch is 37.5 pixels.  But fractions are not allowed.  Is there a way to create a printable 1/8th inch grid?  I suppose a half of a pixel may not be worth effort, but I'd like to know if there is another way to do this.


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Gimp is pixel based, units such as inches are only there for when it comes to printing. You can get round the minimum-unit-is-the-pixel by using paths, but no straightforward way just to change units from pixels.

Get one of Ofnuts plugins (date 2014-01-25) from

That goes in your User Gimp profile plug-ins folder C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins

Might go like this:
1) Image -> Print Size to determine the horizontal and vertical resolution (ppi)
2) Filters -> Render -> Pattern -> Rectangular grid path and a bit of arithmetic the ppi resolution / 8 (for 1/8ths inch)
3) That gives a grid of paths which is not printable.
4) Always best to make a new layer for the grid, easy to fix if something goes wrong Layer -> New Layer
4) Set the FG colour to what you want
5) Use Edit -> Stroke path and a line width.
6) In the path dock turn the visibility off (the eye icon toggles)

That is about as accurate you will get using a bitmap editor.

Some screenshots that might help:

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