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Color Scale for specific colors (like blue and pink, for Synthwave or Retrowave)
Oh my god, you made this for me?! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it!!!

I made sure to make everything executable, and I ran from *.AppImage, and it still returned the same results, unfortunately. G'MIC wasn't listed under the "Filters" menu, so I couldn't get the same results. I really wish I could do a screen record of my environment so that I could show my steps just to make sure I'm doing everything right, but my GPU is old and my computer runs OpenGL2.x (which is now obsolete and hasn't been supported in quite some time now), and so I can't use OBS Studio to record. I actually can't even use Blender on this computer, because my GPU and version of OpenGL won't allow rendering.

Still, thank you thank you thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me with this!! I really, really appreciate it very dearly!! Thank you so much!!
A bit delayed in looking at this again, and no other offerings Wink Where are all the Gimp artists.

First the Gimp version: Since neither the Gimp flatpak or Appimage are working with your installation as far as gmic is concerned. Have you considered the Gimp 2.10.8 from the 'buntu PPA Directions for use is top of the page.

Gimp is a RGB editor so those CMY sliders in PS are not there. However just using Gimp tools you might get something like this.


Sort of 'synth-like' Uses Colors -> Components -> Decompose to CMY images
The cyan and magenta images are adjusted with Colors -> Color Curves The yellow is filled with black to remove it.
Then Colors -> Components -> Recompose to adjust the original image.

There is a 4 attachment limit per reply, so no more screenshots just another video

direct link: duration 3 minutes
Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate your help!! I'll spend some time playing around with these features and see what I can accomplish. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help me! Thank you!
Fellas, I figured it out!

Okay, so, it's a multi-step process, and actually doesn't require any GMIC usage (which is handy because my computer's version of OpenGL is so old, it can't run GMIC).

First, you load an image into GIMP as normal. For demonstration/educational purposes, I'm using the following picture of a space station from Getty Images:

Create a duplicate of the layer, and then turn off the visibility of the bottom image:

Set the foreground and background colors to whatever you'd like. For this Synthwave-style art, I'm using:
Blue Foreground: #1b00fe
Pink Background: #ff1bcf

Set the Gradient tool setting to "FG to BG (RGB)":

On the active (upper) layer, go to "Colors">"Desaturate" and click "Lightness (HSL)":

After that, with the upper layer selected, go to "Colors">"Map">"Gradient Map":

Then on the same (upper) layer, set the mode to "Overlay", then turn the visibility on for the bottom layer:

Turns out, it's actually a relatively simple process.

I'll try to do a screencast of myself doing it, but I probably won't be able to, because, again, my computer is so old, it runs OpenGL 2.x, so I most likely can't.

Anyway, I hope somebody else can get some benefit from this!

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