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Colored Rings
Please God, have mercy on me. My intentions are good. This is to make a gift for a precious friend, a game set.

I am trying to reproduce the rings shown on the game board in the image at the bottom of this post.

Since there aren't any "how to draw a colored ring" directions, I am attempting to follow the steps on WikiHow entitled Draw A Circle in Gimp.

However, even though this guide is insanely long and arduous, it is missing crucial information.

It does have pictures, but not ENOUGH pictures.  It names things, but does not tell the user WHERE in the insanely complex GIMP interface, to Find Them.

For example, Step 6 says 

"Select the color you want to use for the border in the color picker. Click the current foreground color in the Toolbox and select the color you want to use as the border for the circle."

This is Not Enough Information. The image on step six shows a rainbow menu.  But going to Tools > Color Picker does NOT show me any such rainbow menu.

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Oh dear, you will have to learn patience.

A little video that might help:  duration 6 minutes

Set up suitable canvas
Set up per-image grid
Keep associated items in layers
That two-circle button you are having trouble with
Drawing straight lines.
Fill canvas with a pattern

For that last one, You need a decent size tilable (ie seamless) pattern. You can find these on the internet but to get you started that cork pattern and also a wood pattern of sorts. Both jpegs a bit too big for this forum. 

Download from  and unzip

You will notice I am not using the dark (black) interface. Very difficult to see in a video. The docks are a different arrangement from the default. Everything is there in your Gimp - just look for it.
A very nice video! Thank you for posting it.

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