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Congratulations gf.
not only is gf around 1 millionth but is
in the United States according alexa 
great job  Cool
[Image: giphy.gif]
Soon, we will take over the world! Big Grin

gl is what gf was like 2 months ago maybe at 2.3 millionth-ish
Current GF standing: 957,972th

Yeh yeh!
(02-10-2018, 04:53 PM)trandoductin Wrote: Current GF standing: 957,972th

Yeh yeh!

So we are down a bit because we were around 945K last time I checked.

Now, to put that in perspective, look at the rating. These numbers can obviously be skewed.
what? it's still high being that it's been SPAMMED for so long, Alexa isn't so great at distinguishing quality of site...probably just based on traffic even if it's low quality traffic.

why won't you die why WON'T YOU DIE!

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