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Coolest things on earth...
... was the simultaneous landing of the two Falcon Heavy boosters. I reckon some people at SpaceX must have had an engineergasm today. Too bad they lost the core.

The astronaut dummy in the Tesla (with the HHGTTG reference) was also a nice touch.

Special thanks for delaying the launch until after dinner Smile
Yeah, watching it was strangely euphoric Smile

I still dont understand why people would fly in a rocket like this, when there is always a high chance that it will explode...
Thats like russian roulette.

Didnt they toy with a concept of some kind of plane that can fly into space with different sets of engines ?
Because that "kind of plane" would need to fly at Mach10 with a very significant payload (85-90 tons: second stage and payload of Falcon Heavy).
Then only for passengers and use the rockets for payload.

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