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Creating "zoomed" text where first letter is smallest and the last biggest
Sorry for the bad title.

However, how can I create text where first letter of the sentence is smallest and the last is largest, so that it will nicely "zoom" from upper left to lower right. Creating all letters separately and changing their fonts obviously does not create smooth zoom.

I attached some kind of example pic of what I'm trying to create.
The upper parts of letters should be at the same level.

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Does this do what you want?
(It will do a vertical stretch rather than a zoom.)
It would go something like this :
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Thanks for replies, that video shows what I mean.
As Blightys reference

the download is here:

look for (dated 2017-12-26)

The file goes in your plug-ins folder. See the included html for advice.
ofn-pend-path, but you can also use:

* Layer>Text>Text to path
* Apply the Perspective tool to the path.
* Then use the path to create a selection that you bucket-fill(*)


(*) You can also stroke the path, but as you can see, the final E is smaller and thinner than the 2nd one due to the perspective, so its outline should proportionally be thinner as well, while stroking the path will use the same outline width  on all letters.

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