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Cropped Image Won't Print in Center of Page
(07-09-2019, 08:53 AM)rich2005 Wrote: Gimp 2.8 / 2.10 Not much difference. The Gimp developers are very aware of the limitations of the Gimp print plugin. However, no volunteers to help with improving what is an old feature. Not the case with linux where there is a more universal system (CUPS) than with  Windows where each-printer-manufacturer-has-their-own-software.

The advice for Windows users is often, use some other application. XnViewMP perhaps. At one time I would also say Windows Image Viewer. You might be OK with your installation, but as I understand, Win10 now changes (improves? ) the image automatically. Good'ol MS

Ahh, at least it's a known issue.

I am familiar with CUPS. I had Linux Mint installed last year at one point. I loved the freedom of getting away from Windows at that time. But, there were many programs and features that I was used to in Windows that I did miss and actually went back to Windows. Windows 7 that is. I hate Windows 8 and up. Hating Windows 10 the worst. The forced updating garbage and the looming "Windows as a service" nightmare. I don't like feeling that my operating system is making me do what it wants ME to do instead of me making the operating system do what I want IT to do.

After Windows 7 becomes so obsolete that it's unusable I imagine that I will go back to Linux. Unfortunately I am a GUI person all the way. Call me lazy if you will but I'm not crazy about punching in commands into a command line interface to do various things that need to be done in Linux. And it's rather buggy. And a lot of programs that you like won't function properly in Linux. Other than those few limitations, Linux Mint Cinnamon was a beautiful OS. If I ever hit the lottery I would put up a $10 million dollar prize for the first team that made a completely GUI Linux OS that basically cloned Windows. Complete with Auto Installers and the whole 9 yards. Then I would put up another $10 mil over a 5 year period to that winning team to get all the bugs worked out to take that version of Linux to the top of the Globe and set Linux's global domination in concrete. I would bet millions of people all over the world would dump Windows in that case. I would love to see Windows take a dive. Straight into a grave.

In order for Linux to appeal to the masses, it would have to become a totally GUI experience just like Windows. No manual command line stuff.

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