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Cropping question
After searching for an answer and not finding anything, I ask this...
I would like to use the ellipsis tool to select an oval or round area of an image then crop what's around it, leaving only the oval/round part of the image.
Does anybody know how this can be done ?
Thanks in advance for any help and guidance...
1. Make sure the layer has an alpha channel Layer > Transparency > Add Alpha Channel

2. Make your oval selection

3. Invert the selection Select > Invert

4. Remove surround Edit > Clear
There are no oval images. All images are rectangular, those that look oval just have transparent corners. This implies that they are saved in a format that support transparency (PNG, no JPG). JPG is fine if "oval image" can be "rectangular image with white corners").
It's funny, as this was my very first question when I was just starting getting into graphics, having the concept of layers etc. only in my "to read" notes.

To avoid making a pointless post in its entirety Wink 'd like to propose an additional function related to the subject:
Select > Feather...
Thank you so much Blightly, that worked perfectly...I haven't been using GIMP that long so I'm still tryin to figure certain things out...things that I was knew how to do in PS, which I don't have a license for anymore...
Ofnuts, thanks for the reminder...I would have totally forgotten about that transparency thing between jpg and png...thanks for not makin me have a major brain
Bucic, interesting idea with the feathering, even though that's not really what I was lookin for in this situation, but thanks for passing along the knowledge, I appreciate it...
Thanks again to all of you that took the time to help me out
I really appreciate it, all the best to you...

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