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Custom brushes
Sorry, super basic question here.

I'm trying to make an animated brush. When I export in Grayscale mode, I'm able to change the color, but it fills in the background so I get a bunch of different-sized squares. When I export in RGB mode, I get my images just fine but of course I can't change the brush color.

All the tutorials I can find cover either animated brushes OR color changing but not both, lol. How do I fix this?

Ach, got it. Background has to be white.

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Hi, KesonaFyren
Gimp has official tutorials:
If you want to use color, please use Grayscale Mode and Transparent Layer.

Colors menu: Color to Alpha, Remove the white background.
Obviously, the background of the image you use is not transparent.

(Using transparent background can avoid many problems. I only use transparent background to make it.)
(After saving with transparent background, GIMP will be automatically converted to white background. Just found out Smile )

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