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Default precision when opening via RawTherapee?
Is there someway to control the precision used when opening a file via RawTherapee?

Right now it always ends up in 16-bit integer, but I'd prefer 16-bit float mode. I'm hoping it'll actually use a float export as to avoid clipping, but it'd also be convenient enough if it just auto-converted afterwards, saving me the extra step.
I do not use Rawtherapee (RT) out of preference, but a try out in an Ubuntu 18.10 (VM) Gimp 2.10  / Rawtherapee 5.5 from ppa:dhor/myway and that is importing a RAW (panasonic rw2) as 32 bit floating point into Gimp.  

My guess is you are:
(1) Open RAW image in RT
(2) Use 'Send Image to External Editor' (Gimp)
(3) Image opens as 16 bit integer in Gimp

The usual usage:  
(1) Choose file in Gimp, File -> Open (not working, then check the plugin as below or might be an old version of RT )
(2) opens in RT, tweak image if you want
(3) close RT
(4)...and the image is sent to Gimp. (very slow, do not hold your breath) but is 32 bit float.

Check that the RT plugin shows in Edit -> Preferences -> Image Import & Export -> Raw Image Importer. Select it and Ok to close preferences.  Difficult to see in the crap black theme.


No obvious settings that  I can see in either Gimp or RT to get it 16 bit float automatically

Otherwise you better give full details of OS / Gimp / RT / RAW image type

The place for technical questions is where I think the developer hangs out.

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