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Draw on Outline Layer
Hi, I’m new to Gimp. Is there a way to draw on one layer in the latest version of gimp?  In another program, Krita, you can alpha lock a layer so you can draw on only the outlines. You could make the outline multiple colors and even draw designs on just the outlines.  Is there something like that in Gimp.
Not sure what you mean by outline layer. A screenshot (of krita maybe) often worth a thousand words.

You can alpha lock a transparent layer in Gimp. The toggle is top of the layers dock.

Something like this little animation
[Image: tumblr_inline_o4rjrqxjNz1qigpam_1280.png]
I'll give a scenario.   Let's say I scan lineart and insert it into gimp like the photo above.  I  want to make the outline of the hair one color and the outline of the rest black like the drawing on the right.  In krita, I can alpha lock so I can physically color just the outlines without coloring in any other layer.  Can I do something like that in Gimp?

I see. Something similar to the video but on line art that was scanned rather than outlines drawn in gimp. Is it the same process?
Quote:...Let's say I scan lineart and insert it into gimp like the photo above.

If it is a scan, then do you need to remove the background ? All depends on the scan and the lineart.

Add transparency Layer -> Transparency -> Add alpha channel
Use Color -> Color-to-Alpha to remove the background. Often with line art the artwork is faint so after setting the BG colour, juggle the settings to give solid lines.
Then it is as before, careful painting, or a fill, or a gradient as
Thank you so much.

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