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Erase brushes
I have some homemade brushes I made and no longer want.
I cannot find out how to erase these unwanted ones.

I surfed the Internet and found a couple of replies but none worked for me.
For example, one suggested using the trash container icon at the bottom. I
could not find any trash containers.

Thanks for reading

Windows 10
GIMP 2.10.14
Go to the brushes dock. Right click on the brush you made. Select delete and apply.


or Open the Windows explorer. Go to C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\brushes and delete your brushes.

Your reply led me to the resolution of the "problem".
I couldn't delete it because I never made the icon a brush. I thought I had, but as I followed along with your instructions it finally dawned on me that I was the problem.
Okay, let's all laugh this one off. I don't care, my problem is solved, and I learned a valuable lesson.
Thanks for your reply. I do appreciate it. ?

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