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Error Installing GAP
I am running 2.10.14 and I Install GAP 4.10.2 

Then  go to preferences/folders/plugins and then add the GAP folder to plug-in then restart. 

I have tried this a few times with the same result-of this error: 
" The code execution cannot proceed because cygwin1.dll was not found. Reinstall the program may fix this problem." 

What am I doing wrong.

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Quote:What am I doing wrong.

Best guess from information ( version GAP 4.10.2 )

Did you download something from  Was it a monster file perhaps?
This has nothing to do with Gimp-GAP

Go here and get the dropbox zip link here.

Follow the installation procedure for adding plugins.

Will it work 100% - No
Might bits of it work - perhaps.

I can certainly get the GAP menu up in Gimp 2.10.14
Screenshot: but GAP was last maintained for Gimp 2.6 with a few tweaks for Gimp 2.8 Not a good deal for Gimp 2.10 more trouble than it is worth.

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