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GIMP v.2.10.30 (on Win7 x 32 bit)

When running the file gimp-console-2.10.exe (in the default installation directory on Windows "C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin"), the console opens after about 10 s delay with the following error message:
gimp_check_updates_callback: loading of failed: GET request failed: WinHttp error: SECURE_FAILURE

And it does not matter whether the file is executed with simple rights (without "Run as administrator" and the UAC prompt does not appear) or with elevated administrative rights with UAC confirmation.

The same behavior occurs when a batch script is used to execute a Fu script, which in turn is called via the file gimp-2.10.exe.

There are no other problems with accessing the Internet with any other program.
Just tested also with the latest version of GIMP (v.2.10.32, auf Win7 x32-bit) and it behaves the same.
Why does GIMP access the Internet every time it is started (with TCP/IP data streams like, router-default.apps, openshift4.gnome …) and how to turn this off? In settings via the GUI edit menu is nothing to find like automatically update or similar activity to be switch of.
Looking at the source code makes me think that this can be disabled in Edit ➤ Preferences or manually in some *rc file in the Gimp profile (my first candidate would be gimprc). However since I run a self-compiled Gimp this feature is disabled so I cannot help more.

On the other hand this error is completely benign and Windows is turning it off for you by not letting Gimp access the internet.
Thanks, it works and the scripts executions occurs now without this long delays of up to 10 s, but the time is halved by up to 5 s until the first answer appears in the console.
But the primary problem is here why SECURE_FAILURE by auto updates and how to debug this? Maybe it is a problem with invalid certificate?
If the Internet access is disabled, another error is returned NAME_NOT_RESOLVED:

gimp_check_updates_callback: loading of failed: GET request failed: WinHttp error: NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

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