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Error: .dll's missing but ....

When starting up GIMP I get a dialogbox with the following message: Cann't finf the following file: ZdlPvy/c:/ProgramFiles?Gimp2/bin/libwebkitgtk-1.0-0.dll.

This happens for three different files.

When I check c:/ProgramFiles etc for the .dll's they are there.

I have no idea what ZdlPvy is, but cann't find it on my computer.

Why does Gimp report the files missing while they are there with the path as in the error.

Any comment is very much appreciated.

Kindest regards, Leo
Could be the same as this post

Read through it but in particular post #6
Thanks a lot, will try that. The suggested solution looks okay.

KR, Leo
Found the suggested folder (/.gimp-2.8/plugins) but the two files mentioned in the error are not there: see the attachment.

Any suggestions?

KR, Leo

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I can not reproduce that error. From that link, (which has a similar error message), I would look for duplicate versions of libwebkitgtk-1.0-0.dll since that is the referenced file.

Otherwise, looking at your screenshot and all those folders in the plug-ins folder. Try disabling the folder by renaming, say C:\Gebruikers\Leo\.gimp-2.8\plug-ins-bak

Start Gimp, do you get the error? If not then the error is a plugin.

Otherwise try disabling the whole Gimp profile C:\Gebruikers\Leo\.gimp-2.8-bak.

Start Gimp, does that fix the problem?

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