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Export JPG Gimp 2.10.6
Many thanks for your work up to now.

Where can I download version 2.8.22 ?

or how can I download the 2.10.6 in english-version ?
When I choose the language "english" during download, Gimp loads still the German-version !!

Thank again
Windows 10
All the installers from are multi-language. You choose language when first running the installer.
some screenshots:

Quote:When I choose the language "english" during download, Gimp loads still the German-version !!

That is a problem. Many applications will 'recognise' Windows setup values and hardware. The keyboard is not a dumb terminal, Windows knows the language. If you can install extra language settings in Windows that might help.

Where to get Gimp 2.8.22 ?

All the files here:

Direct download for Gimp 2.8.22
(09-01-2018, 05:25 PM)pasalini Wrote: Version 2.10.0 is ok. It has no problems with saves or export. The following have problems or saving or exporting. Version 2.10.6 does not allow saving or exporting
(08-28-2018, 03:22 PM)Ofnuts Wrote: Have you tried to run Gimp as Admin? (not something to do in a regular basis, but this could remove problems due to access privileges).

Wenn I use  Gimp as a Administrator, not as a user with admin-rights.

I generated a new gimp-file.

Export the file with  .jpg --> "APP durch überwachte Ordnerzugriffe zulassen" (Windows defender security cent.)

I give permssion for access : c:\programm files\gimp2\bin   Gimp-2.10.exe

Next test --> file-jpeg.exe was  stopped to access and change the directory

These messages do not show when I work as a user with admin-rights. 

Is file-jpeg.exe part of gimp?
What can be donne to allow the Access ?

Thanks for your engagement.
Windows 10
Yes, file-jpeg.exe is the Gimp plugin to load/save Jpegs.

Since you are on Win10, is this relevant?
Hi Ofnuts

Thanks a lot for your hints.

After a lot of testwork I know a bit more abaut the export problem.

"Store" and "store as" they work evrywhere.

"Export as" does not work, when I use a directory below C\user\bilder --> (Gimp shows this directory as "pictures")
? is it a language-problem ? the error-message says Pictures … not found ?! since the file-explorer shows only directory with german-names

"Export as" works when I use a USB-stick !!!

"Export as" works when I use a directory just below C\ !!!!!!!!! (not below USER)

see some screen shots

I am hopefull, that you can help a step forward. Thanks.
Windows 10
Did you check the link to the Microsoft support?
Yes I checked it.
There are a juge amount of information. It is not possible to read all of it.

But I checkt the properties of the directory "Pictures". There I have all the posible rights.
In both cases:
- as admin.
- as user with the rigths of a admin.

With all other programs exept GIMP I can read, write and rewrite on the directory "Pictures". Say "Bilder" the German-Name of Pictures.
Windows 10
Maybe a "stupid" comment.
Did you notice that using the own Language (for me Italian), you get two different folders named (in my case) "Immagini salvate"?
Do you find two "Bilder" folders? Maybe one is masked with the translated word "Pictures"
At the beginning I had to pay attention which one of the two folders to use.
Now one is empty and one full of images "saved" by me.
Just a hint...
Yes I know.
Immagini salvate --> in german "gespeicherte Bilder" is empty.

All my pics are below Bilder (Pictures). Most of them .jpg writen with Gimp 2.8

Thanks for the hint.

Windows 10

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