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Filter values - small changes by key clicks
I'm using Gaussian Blur (Filters > Blur on the menu bar).

I'd like to increment the value for Size X (Standard deviation for the horizontal axis) in very small steps while using the Preview/Split View options to monitor the results.

Using the Up/Down arrow keys I can vary the Size X value by a factor of 1, but can't find a key, or key combination, to vary the value by 0.01.

Does anyone know if this can be done?
On my side I tried right click on the numbers, STAY clicked, then move to right or left will change the 0.0x only, but not by 0.01, but by the length I move the mouse which can be around ~0.03 average
But my mouse barely coast $2 or $3 (it's a cheap PS/2 which lack dpi for precision, but on the other hand it's her who gives order to the CPU... unlike USB Big Grin Big Grin )
If your mouse has high dpi you should be able to increment by 0.01 Wink

Left-click + drag changes a value with a default increment.
Shift + left-click + drag (or right-click + drag) changes a value with a smaller step .
Ctrl + left-click + drag changes a value with a larger step.

[Image: new-slider-interaction.png]
Those key modifiers - shift - control also work with a mouse scroll wheel. That is shown in the above chart.

The Gimp sliders will adjust when the cursor is over them and the scroll wheel is used

No modifier and increment is 1
+ ctrl and scroll is x 10
+ shift and scroll is x 0.1


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