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Fonts or visual problem???

I've just recently installed Gimp 2.10.20 at Windows 10 and when it opens the GUI some text/fonts shows wrong. Maybe a language conversion problem?  Huh 

Please see attachments...

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I am running the same settings (win10 + Gimp 2.10.20) in the same locale (I assume yours is spanish, too)--only, I installed Gimp WITHOUT translations (all in english)--and have no issues--all normal. Have you tried to select english as the Gimp language? If the problem goes away, the trouble might be the translation... BUT if suddenly everything starts working in spanish, it might be a delayed windows update: they can play havoc with the font settings for a while.
Thanks Carmen! Yes, I'm spanish too...
I tried to install as english, but then it shows in spanish again with same issue.
I had to install 2.8 version... Thanks!
You could try the portable Gimp 2.10 from

A bit of a monster but after unzipping (it is a 7zip archive) it comes with several language launchers.


Should work. You can keep your Gimp 2.8 as well Wink
Same issue with different language (GIMP_EN, GIMP_ES, GIMP...) Sad

Thanks Rich2005

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