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Foreground Select Tool -> Engines Inactive
Hello all,

I wonder why in Gimp 2.10.6 / flatpak ( and previous Gimp 2.10 s) I cannot choose the "engine" when in foreground select.
What prerequisites are necessary for that? Special kind of photo? Missing libraries?


(Linux Mint Mate 18.3)

It seems to have vanished from some compilations. Not there in my PClinuxOS Gimp 2.10.6 either. Still there in Windows versions.

This is from my old 2.9 appimage


Very probably the compilers missing this bit of advice

quote "Note: install GEGL with libumfpack (SuiteSparse) for alternative Matting engine "gegl:matting-levin"
so I can't do anything about it. Good to know.
Thank you Rich

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