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Free select tool
wot I think is the...... enter key ..... has an arrow pointing left
above is a smaller key with an arrow pointing left.... that must be it !

I ll give it a try .....
I just tried the backspace after the close and it did undo the close.

I just learned something new. I haven't needed the backspace while using free select because if I make an errant click I use the mouse to drag the bad node into a better position. But undoing the close could be useful.
usually if Im doing a complete body now... I get to the waist and move across
so I end up making top and bottom of one figure
they will later join together pretty well...
bingo that key with the arrow pointing left... above the enter key ...
worked when a free select I did went wrong and got me back....
Should have known this trick years ago, but this is all arcane knowledge...
if I go off gimp for a couple of months I ll forget these tricks
so I ll have to write it down somewhere.

Still, very worthwhile to get onto this forum and get help
my clone selection point is now steady and when 2 minutes work on free select goes
wrong I can now easily get back

Thanks again for help and advice...............


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