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Fresh W10 / Gimp 2.14, nothin happens on start

I try The Gimp on a new W10 Pro installation. After the Gimp installation when I click on the icon, nothin happens at all. No error, Nothing.

Sorry for my English.

thank you
There are one or two reports of Gimp 2.10.14 using Windows installer ...setup-2 not opening. Example

I have 2.10.14 version running in a Windows 10 virtual machine without problems so difficult to give advice.

Two current theories:
1. Problem caused by nVidia graphics cards
2. Problem caused by Sophos AV (and maybe other AV's)

Until the Gimp developers get something sorted out. My advice is go back to the previous Gimp version 2.10.12
Did you try using the application file from " Program Files " ? Sometimes, that works.

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