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From Gimp to Inkscape and Back
A demo of making a shape (a cross) in Gimp, using that in Inkscape to fill with text, then back to Gimp


The main points are

Make a shape with the paths tool.
Export that as a gimp SVG file.

Open that in Inkscape
Fill with text
Convert the text to a path for opening in Gimp.
Save as an Inkscape SVG
Open Inkscape SVG in Gimp

The link to the video if you want to go there
Nice video !
I like that you show how Gimp and Inkscape can work in unison and swap back and forth paths !

BTW, instead of converting text into a path, ungroup and 'Combine', you can just 'Union' and get the whole process i one step instead of three.

What i would have done differently is exporting the text as a bitmap instead of a path.
For example when making a brush bitmap, i would never import the path into Gimp, i would just use the exported bitmap.

Its true on the other that sometimes importing a path into Gimp has benefits. Especially when Gimp can do things with paths, that Inkscape cant (sadly that happens quite a lot).

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