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G'MIC for 2.10.8
Hello, I just upgraded to 2.10 from 2.8 & I'm having trouble adding the G'MIC plug in that I had used in 2.8.  After installing G'MIC I get the attached message on starting Gimp. I click OK on this message, it disappears & Gimp starts normally but no G'MIC in the FILTERS menu. Any suggestions?
The old gmic for Gimp 2.8 does not work with Gimp 2.10. Go to the gmic site and get the Windows installer for Gimp 2.10 this one:

You need to remove all the components of the old plugin. Hopefully you had it in a separate folder. The Gmic installer correctly installs the whole gmic package in its own folder in the Gimp 2.10 user profile
C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins note this is a 'hidden' folder in Windows see:

Remember to update the gmic filters, there are now 532

One problem with installing Gimp 2.10 over an existing Gimp 2.8 is the existing resources from Gimp 2.8 profile are copied over to the new profile. You might need to a little housekeeping in the new profile. Not all scripts / plugins work 100%
Thanks. I'll report back when I try your suggestions
(01-12-2019, 10:15 PM)PointyHairedBoss Wrote: Thanks. I'll report back when I try your suggestions

I had the correct GMIC download but had not uninstalled the previous version.  I uninstalled gimp 2.10 & GMIC then reinstalled both.  Now I see it listed under FILTERS so everything looks OK.

Thanks for your help

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