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GIMP 2.10 on Ubuntu 18.04 Permission Issue Accessing Drive On /media
I not-so-happily spent a bit of time trying to find out why I could open a file for editing in GIMP 2.8 just fine but any time I tried to access the same file using GIMP 2.10 I got permission issues that prevented opening the same file. It turns out there is a small change in the way the file install in the Ubuntu Software Centre presents the installation info. It now includes an easy-to-ignore ‘Permissions’ button that you cannot afford to ignore if your files are on a hard drive that is mounted on your media directory. If you click on the Permissions button, 2 ON/OFF buttons are presented. The top button labeled ‘Access files in your home folder’ is set to On by default. The bottom button labeled ‘Read/write files on removable storage devices’ is set to OFF by default but must be changed to ON to access any hard drive (and presumably any other device that mounts on media) for you to get read/write access or even see the associated folders. If you have this problem, simply go back to the Ubuntu Software Centre and change the setting.

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More likely an Ubuntu problem than a Gimp problem. Useful to know, though.
(05-11-2018, 07:23 AM)Ofnuts Wrote: More likely an Ubuntu problem than a Gimp problem. Useful to know, though.

True, but if you don't realize this, you can waste a fair bit of time and effort before you figure out what the problem is. I just thought this might be useful info for people going to move from 2.8 to 2.10 - JW
Yes? This said, this is Linux, so the setting is likely stored in some file (.desktop?) and can likely be changed after installation.
This solution doesn't work for me in Ubuntu 18.04

I still can't access mounted drives (./mnt) from Gimp 2.10.
Krita and other programs can access mounted drives
I found the solution by uninstalling gimp 2.10.6 from the Ubuntu Software library.

I then reinstalled gimp via the ppa: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp

Not only does Gimp now have access to files on other drives and media, all those media locations also show up in the Open dialog box which they didn't before.

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