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GIMP 2.8 Large size Icons Themes
Thanks for the icons. Great use on a Surface PRO 4, where the icons mysteriously display so tiny. I noticed the 48 color theme has an extra color 48 folder with all the info. Users may want to move all files in the second Color 48 folder to the previous. Then it should work nicely.
Am I installing the themes wrong somehow?

I used 7z to open the files and then drag them from the 7z interface into the Themes folder, but when I go to Preferences the only available themes are Default and Small? I tried using all 4: Color 32/48 and Symbolic 32/48, none of them appear in my Preferences interface.

I'm on a Surface Pro 4

Edit: Did a system restart, everything showed up and worked perfectly! Thanks for the theme, very helpful!
I hated using Gimp on my 4K monitor until I found these themes... Helped immensely. Please, Gimp developers, make it a high priority to allow users to change icon and text sizes (so many programmes suffer from this when used on 4K monitors).
welcome to

I do not think any developers even lurk here, much less contribute, much too busy sorting GEGL out Wink

However they are thinking ahead, Already in the development version Gimp 2.9.5 there is a scaling icon facility.

Once 4k monitors become more common I am sure that there will be many dedicated themes for that resolution.

Even now, a little tweaking in my usual theme and I can increase font size.

This my laptop, with Gimp 2.9.5 Everything much too large of course, just an example.
Hello all,

I am new to GIMP and I found this thread to be of great assistance!

I was encountering a problem and am glad I looked at my install first before aking a stupid question.

When I extracted the 7zip file I mistakenly went into the Color_48 folder and copied it's contents to the Themes folder.

What I should have done was copy the Color_48 folder in it's entirety.

Duh right?

Im just tired I guess. Now all is working s it should, ll i need to do is DL the dark orange theme and we're all set.

Sorry to necro, I've tried everything others said worked for them. Unzip with 7zip, copy either color-32 or color-48 into themes folder, even checked all the files for duplicates like others have said they noticed. Restarted my lap top, open up gimp and check the themes tab, only "default" and "small" are the only two that proc. Can provide screenshots if needed. Vrsion 2.8.22
More information is always better. First check your installation against the following.

This is the Gimp themes folder and what the contents of Color-48 should look like. The other themes similar.


When (re)starting Gimp In Edit -> Preferences -> Themes should look like this. Remember to Ok the change and restart Gimp for the change to fix.


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