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GIMP and Select by color
Dear GIMP user under MACOS Big Sur
Could you tell me please if exists GIMP version(s) where is the Tool "Select by color" does exact what does it should (yes, and successfully starts under Big Sur 11.6 of course)?
In general, it is problem with GIMP under Big Sur or it is problem of Big Sur at all?

P.S. It "works"... When mouse button is pressed selected area exist (with pink color) but when button released selection disappear.

P.P.S. Selection by color is my favorite and most useful tool.

P.P.P.S. By the way, 2.10.28 under Windows 10 works fine. At least, this tool. I have to use Windows
Is this the lack of 'crawling ants' defining the selection ?

There is a fix, try an update see:


Yes, it works!!!! At least, "Select by color" works!!! (It is RC... But what to do...)

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