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GIMP keyboard shortcuts (ps shortcuts) sometimes work sometimes not!
GIMP keyboard shortcuts (ps-menurc shortcuts) sometimes work sometimes not! note "i am using
theme called "dark"" and i added the "ps-menurc" to it and replaced similar file with it " and tried to add it in gimp folders like themes , plugins etc  and /user folder in c . as  a random solution! but not fixed the problem! and may work fine if i re copy the file every time before i use gimp to the theme folder !
even if i reset the gimp tool preferences , gimp shortcuts not always work also !
Nothing to do with the theme you are using.

Are you trying to use something like this?

Changes Gimp keyboard shortcuts to resemble those used by Photoshop.

Follow the instructions.
Download the file ps_menurc
Rename to menurc
Replace the existing Gimp menurc with the new version. My advice here, keep the existing as a backup

[Image: TSKLcsK.jpg]

There is not that much difference. My advice again. Forget PS, get to know the Gimp shortcuts see: This a comparison. Some do not work - no sympathy Wink

[Image: nC3atW7.jpg]
good to see you again rich! i did not change the name that what i missed!-'re copying the file specially in theme ( because i found  in it file similar to the shortcuts file) was just a random solution with a known result. 

for the point of advise in fact i am using 2 or 3 main shortcuts while designing so i am not kind of that person who depends on the keyboard more than the mouse so any one of them will not matter what matter is that it works .
thanks keep answering topics ..

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