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GIMP layer preview size issue
I set the default layer preview size from Edit > preferences but it apparently does nothing.
I later learned on the web that there's another setting I could use - in the Layers window > little black arrow > Preview Size. This works but it lacks one size option present in the prefs: huge. This happens to be the only one I need.
The questions are:
What exactly does the option in prefs do?
How eventually do I get the huge layer preview size?
To judge from the documentation for the file gimprc:
(layer-preview-size medium)

Sets the preview size used for layers and channel previews in newly created
dialogs.  Possible values are tiny, extra-small, small, medium, large,
extra-large, huge, enormous and gigantic.
So the value is preferences is used when creating a new dockable dialog for the first time, but if you have a set it manually from the menu-right arrow menu, that's the value that will be used.

It looks like a bug that "Huge" is missing from the possible options BUT it is possible to work round.

Find the sessionrc file in your profile and in there find the entry for the gimp-layer-list and edit the preview-size to be 96
           (current-page 1)
           (dockable "gimp-tool-options"
               (tab-style automatic)
                   (show-button-bar "true")))
           (dockable "gimp-layer-list"
               (tab-style automatic)
               (preview-size 96)
                   (show-button-bar "true"))))))
This is more than I needed for which my far sighted eyes thank you very much. It's even better due to arbitrary values.

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