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GIMP version for older PC

I am trying to set GIMP up on an older 32 bit pc and it continually crashes.
It runs fine on my newer laptop.
Is there an older GIMP version that I can download that might run on the older machine.
Thank you
Could be the PC. Gimp can use a lot of RAM and is more prone to problems caused by memory errors. Di you test the memory of the old machine?

Otherwise what OS & version are you running?
You do not state operating system, but guessing Windows.

If you go here: there are all the versions going back

Each version has a windows section for the windows installers.

Providing you are not running Win XP then try the last from version 2.8 ( A quick check and XPSP3 is supposed to be OK)

I use this in a 2 GB memory netbook (albeit using linux) and it runs fine.
Thankyou for the responses.
I have downloaded 2.8.0 and so far so good - fingers crossed.

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