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GMIC preview error
I am getting errors like this on almost all GMIC previews. Brushify shows the preview if it matters. Thanks.

It is because you are running that old version of gmic_gimp_qt - look at the date. It is a year old.


However it is just the preview and the filter does work. just apply it.
1. I disabled the internet so that such issues do not happen. Both in GIMP and GMIC

2. All filters work fine, it is just the preview.


Maybe related to this, Bede plugin is also not working.
OK, same advice as before. Get the latest 2.9.8 that works with the appimage.
The whole collection is here:
and the latest is

unzip, put in ~/.config/GIMP-AppImage/2.10/plug-ins/ It will supercede the 'built-in' one.  No need for that special update file. Update the filters from the plugin as usual.

The bede plugin has been updated for gmic 2.9.8 see:

However it has just been 'officially' added to the regular gmic filters, comic book in the Artistic section.

Everything is working great. The only thing I miss is that there is no Comic Book option under Artistic. Thanks.

You should have 569 filters not 568, you are missing one. Did you update the filters ? Little circular icon left side of internet.
Yes, I tried that. It said, nothing updated.

Update : All good now Smile

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