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Ghost image remains after selecting by color
Huh I am not sure what I have done here.  I was attempting to remove some very faint graph marks on an image.  I used the select by color.  I then tried to delete what I had selected.  Instead I got this kind of ghost image.  I tried to move it and indeed it appeared to be a outline of what I was trying to get rid of.  But now it won't go away.   I even shut the program completely down, but it is still there.   I have attached a screen shot and the actual file.
Too late to answer fully. See

PS: no attachments in sights... There is a 500K limit on JPG/PNG and 2M on XCF....
Thank you Confused  Ofnuts...(oh I so want to know about your moniker!) I looked XCF file I attempted to attach yesterday (it was way too big) I tried to select the ghost and it disappeared this time!  I have attached the screen shot of it just so I could prove to myself I wasn't dreaming.  Thank you for the link! What an interesting and complex program Gimp has become!  Wow, the nuances!

Argh!  I opened the xcf file again and there is was again.  I hid all the layers and it was still there!  Then I used 'select all' and it disappeared.  WIERD!

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The "ghost" looks like the "marching ants" that delimit the selection. You can hide/show them with View>Show selection (or just use Ctrl-T).

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