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Gimp 2.10 plugin and lost controls on left dock
I recently installed Linux Mint 64bit with the Mate desktop. I also installed Gimp 2.10.
With the previous version of gimp the install would create a hidden folder in my home 
folder named .gimp-2.8. There was a sub-folder called scripts or something like that 
where I put the Pandora plugin. There is no Gimp folder in my home folder with Gimp 2.10.
I looked in Edit/Preferences/folders/ and the folders appear as swap folder and temporary folder.

When I did the Mint install I did not create a swap file. I have lots of ram installed so no need for one.

I also removed some of the items on the left dock and I'm not sure how to get them back.
I messed up something on a previous version of Gimp, I don't remember what but I deleted 
the .gimp-2.** file in my home folder and when I restarted Gimp it recreated the folder and 
went back to all the default settings. I just had to reinstall the Pandora script.
Does Gimp 2.10 have a place to put scripts? How do I install them?

The linux Gimp 2.10 user profile is another hidden folder in your home directory ~/.config/GIMP/2.10 You do not have one of those ?

I have occasionally seen an empty user profile as you describe. It might come from an old Gimp 2.8 installation where Gimp tries to import the old ~/.gimp-2.8 entries.

Try deleting ~/.config/GIMP/2.10 folder and removing the ~/.gimp-2.8 folder. Start Gimp 2.10 to create a new user profile

Edit -> Preferences -> Folders should look like this

For information, which version of Mint (19 / 20 ? ) and where did you install Gimp from (Mint repo / PPA / flatpak) ?
Thanks rich I found it. I have Mint 20 installed and I installed Gimp from the Mint repository.

I installed the Pandora script in the scripts folder.
I will see how it works with Gimp 2.10.
(01-11-2021, 03:50 PM)Bipolar Wrote: Thanks rich I found it. I have Mint 20 installed and I installed Gimp from the Mint repository.

Then is that Gimp 2.10.18 ? If it is then you probably do not have any provision for python plugins (if you use any)

There are some notes here about adding python 2.7 for Gimp 

I see that 'buntu in their wisdom have dropped those old .deb packages, so I will make some links to an alternative source (shortly)
Yes it is Gimp 2.10.18

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