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Gimp 2.8; looking for the Beautify plugin (Lubuntu Linux)
Hello everyone,

This is my first post, thank you for hosting this forum.
Before I began this thread I have searched the forum (and the Net) for topics/search results that might already have dealt with my question, but I could only find results for Gimp ran on Windows. I run Lubuntu Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 32 bits [I think]).

First of all, I am a n00b in both Linux and The Gimp Smile. Please take this in consideration. My skill on installing or operating my Linux OS does presently not go beyond performing the sudo apt-get install "x" command. Please bear with me.

I recently saw an article online that demonstrated the life sketch function of the Beautify plugin. I was very impressed and would really like to use it.

The first problem is, is that I could not find the plugin anywhere on the Internet. Perhaps my n00b-fu is at fault here.  I would appreciate a link.
The second question would be, if I could please receive some guidance and advice as how to install the plugin. Taking my n00b-fu in consideration.

Thank you for your  guidance and your patience,

Edit - Ouch just seen that Gimp 2.8 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 32 bits - can you confirm that it is 32 bit linux. Wink I will have a look around for a 32 bit version, keep visiting.

Ubuntu 32 bit version 52 MB zip same installation as below except there is an extra folder "effects" goes in ~/.gimp-2.8 along with the other three. For the plugins check that they are executable after unzipping.
I do have a 32 bit xubuntu 18.04 / Acer C720) - looks like this:

linux 64bit ubuntu. Beautify plugin

Download this zip, nearly 50 MB
and unzip it. There is a folder containing four plugins beautify border simple-border skin-whitening Take those files out of that folder and move to your Gimp 2.8 profile plugins folder, ~/.gimp-2.8/plugins (note anything starting with a . {dot} is a hidden file, enable hidden files in your file browser, often Alt+. works)

The three folders rip-border simple border texture border go in with all the other folders in your Gimp profile ~/.gimp-2.8

like this:

quick example:
Hello Rich,

Thank you for your quick response.

I downloaded the .zip file, thank you for the reference.
Unfortunately the .jpg and the .mp4 files you referred me to do not load on I can unfortunately not sign up as I presently don't own a mobile phone, if that would have been required.
I'm presently looking for the actual gimp folder, but can as of yet not localize it. In Linux, what folder/s is/are software usually installed in?

Thank you,

You do not need to sign up with imgur, those files should show, however the jpeg is this:


I would not worry about the mp4 it is only a quick demo.

More important, give some details about the linux you are running. Are you by any chance running linux in a chromebook ?  32 bit or 64 bit ? Open a terminal and run the command 
uname -m

32bit will show i686

Linux folders, as far as Gimp is concerned, open Gimp. Go to Edit -> Preferences then expand the folders section. All the paths to your resource folders are shown there. This the plug-ins in my Acer netbook.


have you got the 'hidden' folders concept clear, it might look like this in lubuntu


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