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Gimp Extras
Surfing the web yesterday I found GIMP Extensions Pack for Windows, it had Mathmap etc included - Is it ok to add on?
If not where am I able to get some scripts and plugins. The gimp I downloaded 2.10.0 didn't come with any and the gimp scripts page hasn't been updated for awhile. Is there another place to get them?
ofnuts I need your Paths page address too.
I won't be downloading anything until Friday night at the earliest unless I can stay up till after 2am Thursday morning as I am a night owl not a morning person. My Peak hour data is down to dial up speed  so unless something is really important I won't be downloading or uploading.

Do not use the plugins pack (28MB) latest version 2015-ish. Somewhere along the line you will break your Gimp installation.

You are using Partha Gimp 2.10 - This 64 bit only.

Script something.scm will work (possibly), Python plugins will work (possibly), Executable plugins something.exe/something.dll have to be 64 bit.

All the executables in that package are 32 bit. So mathmap is not going to work.

If you want to try the scripts and python plugins the way is one-at-a-time in your Gimp profile and see what works. Let me know and I will provide all the scm/py files from the package.

Things to know. The package installer puts all the files in the main Gimp folders C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\ no provision to install elsewhere. However it will uninstall what you install (and probably break Gimp in the process)

[Image: FJLcDrF.jpg]

Ofnuts plugins The main page is here
and pages with the downloads are

Where to get those old plugins now that gimpscripts is down? Some can be tracked down via gimpchat references and the internet archive. I suggest, make a list and ask here or on gimpchat. Someone will provide.
Thank you rich for the warning...I had noticed some of the scripts and plugin were not working with 2.10. I may need to d/l 2.10.2 instead.
(Wallace gave me a lot of scripts and plugins earlier this year but I lost them all recently Sad  )
I need them again now. Thanks for the links. I will put them in my favorites. Will have a look in a couple days. Dial up speed is taking forever to open the last two links.  Confused

Have a look at
Maybe yuou'll find something useful for you.

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