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Gimp constantly freezes up when using Wacom tablet

I've recently switched over to Arch Linux. Often, when I'm using my Wacom tablet in Gimp, Gimp locks up to where I can only use my tablet in the main window. Clicking on any other Gimp windows (layers, tools) with both the tablet and the mouse gives no response. Is there anything I can do to fix this, or is this a bug?
I would ask the question on the Arch forum. A quick look and there are plenty of Wacom related posts.

Their help page is very impressive. but all depends on the linux kernel and Arch is cutting edge so there might be a bug. You could try an earlier kernel.

The other consideration is how the tablet is connected bluetooth or usb. Bluetooth could be flaky.
Basically, dont know, my ancient Wacom works (enough for me) with Kubuntu 16.04, Gimp 2.10 flatpak
Not many Arch users here. There are one or two at might be worth an ask there.

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