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Gimp version recognizes
I watched a tutorial on youtube called Repair and Restore.
So I downloaded Gimp 2.10.  Later I found
does not work in Gimp 2.10.  Can someone tell me which version
of Gimp works with this zip file?  Appreciate any suggestions.
#2 - Well that is probably the samj archive which contains versions of resynthesizer and the source code. Easy to use the wrong files.

Remove what you installed.

Go here: and download Unzip it, it contains just 4 files. Put those files in your Gimp user plugins folder C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins

The 'heal' python plugins register in Filters -> Enhance ( and resynthesizer not much used these days is in Filters -> Map)

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