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Resynthisizer Heal Selection Runtime Error
Thanks again!
Does anyone have an updated plug-in for resynthesizer? The only one I can find is on media fire and it randomly crashing all of a sudden.
Resynthesizer code has not been updated for years. The one on Mediafire I posted back in 2013, AFAIK it still works ok.

As an alternative for Windows, one from samj who make a portable gimp 2.10, same code but a more recent compile. Updated to partha versions

One thing that has been updated for Gimp 2.10 is the plugin. The old one still works although newer version has updated some deprecated procedures.

64 bit version attached. Unzip, replace the existing, wherever you installed them. (C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins)

I suspect that it might be more than just an old-version problem.

Edit: Added an updated version
Edit: The samj version is 0.16c  The Partha version is version 2 There is a difference in the resythesize-gui but not in functionality. For use with the 'heal-python plugins either work.
Edit: Some asking about the other plugins. If you need more than the two 'heal' plugins download the plugins zip.

Example of installation:  2 minutes, no audio

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