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Good documentation for python-fu
Hi. Have search the web from my corner with no luck in finding a full or close to full fledged documentation for Python-fu. So far have found: and . The last one is for Script-fu but is very close to Python-fu.

If somone know of a good documentation and feel incline to share i (and probably many other) would be very appreciative.
Beyond your first link:
  • Filters>Python-Fu>Console>Browse, and use the search bar
  • In the Python console use dir(someObject) to check the available methods. They are usually a self-explanatory parallel of a similar PDB function. Using these methods makes the code more readable IMHO. Many are documented in your first link, but some are not (and work just as well).
Otherwise, as a general rule, where Script-fu takes IDs, Python-fu takes objects, and the non-existing id (-1) can be replaced by None.

Over the years I have tried many things, so my two script collections can be used as examples:
Otherwise you can always ask here Smile
Wow, i knew extraordinary people existed  Wink Cool 
Thanks for the sharing.

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