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Hard drive noises when performing operations
I have gimp's tile cache size set to 5 GB (I have 8GB RAM, 1.75G in use). The temp and swap folders are set to a ramdisk. However, whenever I perform some function in gimp (say: moving a layer, filling a region, showing/hiding a layer), I hear what sounds like hard disk access.
How can I get GIMP to use my RAM which is more than sufficient for the size of images I edit, and not touch my disk except when saving and loading?
If Gimp uses you disk, then either it is normal system swapping (your performance monitor will tell) or Gimp using its own tile swap on disk (*.swp disk in your Gimp profile). But it can also be you system preventively/proactively moving the memory of other processes to disk to make sure Gimp has the RAM it needs.

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