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Help Manual Not Working
Hello People!

I was a GIMPy some years ago & decided to get back into it so I have just installed v2.8.22. I also downloaded & installed what I thought was a user manual that I could access while running GIMP & not online.

The manual file was, "gimp-help-2-2.8.2-en_GB-setup".

....but every time I try to access the manual it tells me it is not installed.......

Any help would be appreciated!   Sad
First check in Edit -> Preferences -> Interface that you have en_GB listed.

If you have, then try changing to that language as the fourth video here:

Some computers have Windows installed with a US basis, this Win 7 for example, because the keyboard was a US one when installed.


Try: Go to the Gimp help installation C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\help


then rename the folder en_GB to en


Start up Gimp, go into preferences, check if local help is recognised.
Thanks rich2005......that did the trick! Now I will start to play.....Thanks again!
got as far as where the "help" should  be ... and it is NOT there.  I think I have to do a download from somewhere. I really need that help to be a click away as I am migrating from PhotoShop and need to learn how to edit and tweak photos all over again!  I really like what I see thus far ... and not having to wait for credit screens over and over is just the beginning.
First thing, there is not yet a Windows installable Help for Gimp 2.10 - It is work in progress but depends on volunteers to create one.

The help system is very language dependent but assuming using the basic US-English version, the installer:

If you install Gimp to the standard location, it should be picked up (1) but there is a complaint (2)
However, continue and it unpacks to the correct location (3)


That shows up here in Edit -> Preferences -> Help System (4) which you should check. Gimp built-in help browser works here but try your default browser as well. Gimp help is all html. F1 for help brings up the help browser (5)


Shift-F1 for context help depends on the tool, the old ones should work (6) but newer tools specific to Gimp 2.10 will not be there.


If you can not get local help to work, my advice is get the English version as a PDF here:  This is still Gimp 2.8 help, the PDF now has the index at the beginning and is searchable.
Thanks for the quick reply.  I guess I will have to wait a while to do the transition.  Guess I can get by .. maybe use Essentials on the new(er) box I am building until that Manual hits the streets.  (the old box was XP and it is on it's last legs .. the internal automatic house cleaning has virtually died!  Having to re-boot almost every day to clean it out and speed it up is a PITA! Takes over 1/2 hour!) ... Again, thanks.

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