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Help Manual Not Working
Hello People!

I was a GIMPy some years ago & decided to get back into it so I have just installed v2.8.22. I also downloaded & installed what I thought was a user manual that I could access while running GIMP & not online.

The manual file was, "gimp-help-2-2.8.2-en_GB-setup".

....but every time I try to access the manual it tells me it is not installed.......

Any help would be appreciated!   Sad
First check in Edit -> Preferences -> Interface that you have en_GB listed.

If you have, then try changing to that language as the fourth video here:

Some computers have Windows installed with a US basis, this Win 7 for example, because the keyboard was a US one when installed.


Try: Go to the Gimp help installation C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\help


then rename the folder en_GB to en


Start up Gimp, go into preferences, check if local help is recognised.
Thanks rich2005......that did the trick! Now I will start to play.....Thanks again!

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