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Help is broken and/or not installed?
When I press F1 for help a window pops up that says 2.2 Image Window - GIMP Help Browser but there's nothing in it (empty white page). Then after about 30 seconds there's a page of help called "2.2 Image Window" but no other help pages - I only get that one. I clicked on something and got a message saying something like "You need to install help in order to use the help" but I can't do that because I don't know how - I would need the Help to tell me how to install the Help in the first place(!)

This is a brand-new installation of 2.10.30 on a brand-new installation of Win 8.1
For online help I found this
1. A message telling me I did not have the above local help installed.
2. The option for online is Gimp Help Browser or Web Browser
3. The Web Browser option failed. (some M$ security probably)
4. The Gimp Help Browser works but very slow to refresh.

The Windows Gimp local help files are installed separately. There is a list on the download page or you can go to and choose an installer. Run it to install the help files then go to Edit -> Preferences -> Help System and select User manual: Use a locally installed copy

There can be problems if you are using an English Gimp setup on a computer set up for a different language. All you can do is try.

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